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Features and Benefits:

  • Download End-of-Day stock quotes on major stock exchanges around the world FREE. Also Forex, commodity futures, market indices, mutual funds, money market funds, ETF, corporate bonds, and metals.
  • (HSQuote Plus) "My Web Server" to download data from user defined websites.
  • (HSQuote Plus) Enhanced charting features, including indicators, more chart styles, line studies, chart templates, load/ save/ print charts.
  • (HSQuote Plus) Automatic post download processing capabilities, such as special data conversion, executing an application, move/ copy/ delete a file or folder, auto-split multiple portfolios, and simulate keyboard clicks.
  • Download Options-Chain, Fundamental, and Dividend data.
  • Interface with Medved QuoteTracker server to get real-time data and convert to OHLC Intraday and last-trade data, without subscription fee.
  • Compatible with MetaStock, OmniTrader, TradeStation, CandlePower, Elliott Wave, Analyzer II, Gannalyst, Supercharts, Advanced GET, ElWave, Excel, and more...
  • Automatically convert to MetaStock files and real Excel .xls files.
  • Easy way to create ticker list from existing MetaStock database, and continue updating historical EOD data.
  • View MetaStock Data in Text or Chart.
  • Auto-redownload of missing data. Regular refresh of Intraday and last-trade data.
  • A flexible Data Converter to convert between MetaStock and ASCII or Excel worksheet formats.
  • Free 21-day trial period before you buy (full features on trial version.)
  • Quick to set up. Easy to use. Almost no learning time for basic features. Design for usability. Animated help. No compromise for Advanced users who need many more features.
  • Lowest priced on the web, yet with more rich and useful features.
  • Multiple download paths to shorten download time. Download anytime, as often as you need.
  • Can choose the most popular MetaStock format or personalize own output text or spread-sheet .
  • Can keep different stock ticker lists in your portfolios, and as many as you like. Portfolio files can be linked together for one-click download.
  • Option of Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Intraday (US only) data, and 20-min delayed Real-Time data. Use Last-trade refresh to accumulate Intraday data for non-US stocks.
  • Browse to user-defined URLs for charts, news, and data. Auto-download of zip files.
  • Easy to add and delete your stock tickers/symbols - all done within the program, just like the Notepad editor. Can copy your existing ticker lists.
  • Auto-repair data, and facilitate adjustment of stock splits. Auto-adjust Euro currency conversion on 1st Jan 1999 for EMU country stocks.
  • Command line or batch file processing, with a built-in Task Scheduler.
  • Know your last download date and continue from when you left off.
  • Keep your default portfolio and output format setting. Coupled with individual control of download servers, Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly selection, tracking of last download date and MetaStock files conversion, you can have a One-Click download in future - just press the Start button!

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