HSQuote Users' Testimonials

"We are glad to let you know that your software 'HSQuote Stock Quote Downloader' has received a 'Works with Vista' certificate. You must know, no more than 20% of all software titles from our site will receive this award."



"This program brings great Joy to traders. Its algorithm is vastly superior to its competitors and it works robustly, grabbing free data from the net in ultra speed. For me, HSQuote is the heart and lungs of Technical Analysis.

If you use MetaStock or Tradestation , you certainly need HSQuote."

David Lee, Software Developer and Trader (Auckland New Zealand)


"I am a professional trader (12 years), who has tried over a half dozen download programs. HSQuote is by far the very best, versatile, user friendly, and state of the art download software available. The program is only one bettered by the extremely courteous, personalable, and professional support; even better than Microsoft, which I used to think was the best!"



"I demo'ed nearly a dozen of the EOD-data downloaders offered as shareware and found HSQuote the best in terms of ease of use.  Its interfacing with Yahoo is fast and trouble-free. My charting program requires data in MetaStock format. HSQuote creates it automatically, as well as provides text files that Excel will open. 


When I mention HSQuote in message boards where I hang out, anyone who uses the program seconds my opinion about its excellence. The cost is very modest. The installation and licensing procedures are as simple as I've ever seen for shareware (or commercial-ware for that matter).


HSQuote is a "3-steps-and-you're-done" convenience  -- and money saver -- that is now an indispensable part of my investing toolbox."


Very Satisfied User,  Charlie E. (Portland, OR)


"I'm one of your customers and am extremely satisfied with your downloader and am promoting it to a large group of day-traders (533 currently) as an excellent downloader for end-of-day stock programs.


I am using HSQuote with two Japanese candlestick programs: CandlePower 6 Plus and Pattern Forecaster Plus (Lite). The "realtime" (20 minute delayed) feature allows me to autoscan my entire stock data directory for "buy" and "sell" signals with CandlePower on a delayed  basis, eliminating the need for a monthly $99 stock scanning service (Wizefinder), which I've recently cancelled.


Your downloader is so good it's saving me money!


Thank you again for creating an excellent program.


I intend to continue to promote HSQuote."


Samuel Miller (Montreal, Canada)


"There are two strong points that put this product head and shoulders above your competition.


The product itself is foolproof...simple and complete.  Within 3 minutes, a new user has installed the product, and has a solid understanding of how to use it.  In 1 click - literally - you are downloading quotes from a 20 minute delay to 40 years ago... and every day in between.  It also has added features that can handle splits, to added info the user can use -- especially if they are using software like MetaStock to help in stock research.


After all this, the best piece of this program is found after the sale; your incredible customer service.  I cannot begin to say how invaluable this has been to our firm except to mention how you have far exceeded any other company we have dealt with. Continued good luck."


Steve Perks, R.W. Haggarty & Associates (USA)


"HSQuote 1.82 is FAST!


Before HSQuote, I was a subscriber to several "pay by the month" data sources for quotes over a ten year period. All had technical problems with the downloading and MetaStock conversion software.


HSQuote is a joy to use. It is problem-free, and your constant improvements are sincerely appreciated. I recommend HSQuote to anyone looking for an economical, high quality source of MetaStock data."


Randy Watts (Crockett, VA, USA) 


"I've been using an expensive local EOD-Service for years. But once, I learned about HSQuote, I kicked this service out and didn't look back. I now save about $80 per month, because the quotes, I get with HSQuote are for free. HSQuote's speed, flexibility and ease of use are unrivaled. This is a perfect little program, and it becomes even more perfect with each release. Best of all, whenever you have a problem or a question, be sure, Er Jui Pin will fix it - great work!"

Ralph M. (Germany)


"I bought HSQuote about 6 months ago and use it daily. I download my quotes for free from Yahoo and being a MetaStock user it saves me quite a bit. I am also very pleased with the new versions and updates of the program. I received 5 new and improved versions of HSQuote since I bought it 6 months ago. Incredible customer service!"

Keep up the good work!"

Steven Wang (Singapore)


"I just wanted to let you know that the new upgrade is great! The download speed is phenomenal; you did a great job!!!!"


Alex Tello (USA)


"This is really the greatest, most useful and versatile piece of software I have seen in a very long time. And you offer an outstanding service."


Dr. Werner Tabarelli (Switzerland)


"Great product. I bought it after only 3 days of trial. I've tried many downloaders, from free to many dollars and this one is just perfect, great documentation/user manual and intuitive to use and learn. I happen to use Tradestation but will no doubt use the data in other charting app's such as AmiBroker and Ninja."

Jim Johnson (Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA)

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