• The latest version is 1.90, patch 046. It now includes faster daily data, and more than 1 month of intraday data from IEX, as well as up to 50 years of continuous futures data from Quandl.
  • You may need to turn off antivirus detection during software download and installation. Don't worry, this software has existed since 2002 with many faithful users.
  • IEX server has been added. Up to 5 years of EOD data, and more than 30 days of backfilled data are available for US stocks and ETFs.
  • Quandl server has been added to provide up to 50 years of continuous futures data.
  • MSN server has been added. One year of EOD data are available.
  • Yahoo data download works fine in all Windows Operating Systems except for Win XP.
  • HSQuote Plus has more flexibility, and allows switching between Yahoo and other servers using the same ticker list. Go to Download page to see what are available.


Change History:

Version 1.90 Patch045 (28 Dec 2018)

  • Add IEX Server for US Stocks and ETFs, faster daily data download
  • than Yahoo, and more than 1 month of backfilled intraday data
  • Add Quandl Server for up to 50 years of continuous futures data
  • Remove Oanda and QuoteTracker as they no longer provide data

Version 1.90 Patch044 (5 Jul 2018)

  • Fix block delete securities issue

Version 1.90 Patch043 (5 Apr 2018)

  • Change Google server to MSN server

Version 1.90 Patch042 (14 Nov 2017)

  • Fix issue that Yahoo sometimes provides null data, causing records to be deleted

Version 1.90 Patch041 (5 Nov 2017)

  • Fix fundamental data collection issue
  • Fix slow Yahoo download issue
  • Fix MetaStock name update issue
  • Advise users to use Daily download instead of Lasttrade download with Yahoo server

Version 1.90 Patch040 (18 Oct 2017)

  • Fix fundamental data collection issue

Version 1.90 Patch039 (2 Sep 2017)

  • Fix Yahoo single day data download issue
  • Fix Yahoo data re-download bug in 'MetaStock Data and Chart' view

Version 1.90 Patch038 (28 May 2017)

  • Fix Yahoo Weekly and Monthly data download
  • Fix Adjusted Close and Volume data in Personalized Format download

Version 1.90 Patch037 (27 May 2017)

  • Restore historical data download from Yahoo Finance with cookie and crumb

Version 1.90 Patch036 (21 May 2017)

  • Replace Yahoo1 server with Google server to allow downloading historical
  • data from Google Finance, while fixing Yahoo historical data download

Version 1.90 Patch035 (27 Aug 2016)

  • Modify Ticker Name update to match changes at Yahoo Finance site
  • Modify Fundamental Data collection to match changes at Yahoo Finance

Version 1.90 Patch034 (8 Aug 2016)

  • Change stock split information source due to changes at Yahoo Finance

Version 1.90 Patch033 (16 Jul 2016)

  • Modify Ticker Name update to match changes at Yahoo Finance site
  • Modify Fundamental Data collection to match changes at Yahoo Finance

Version 1.90 Patch032 (10 Nov 2014)

  • Modify options chain download to match changes at Yahoo Finance site

Version 1.90 Patch031 (30 Aug 2014)

  • Replacing BriteFutures server with Acommodity Futures server

Version 1.90 Patch030 (3 Aug 2014)

  • Improve Options Chain download from Yahoo Finance

Version 1.90 Patch029 (4 Jan 2014)

  • Modify "Yahoo 1 (Default)" URL as Yahoo Finance server has been changed

Version 1.90 Patch028 (6 Sep 2013)

  • Modify for auto Metastock name download as Yahoo Finance page has changed data format

Version 1.90 Patch027 (26 Aug 2012)

  • Change Intraday server to Yahoo and allow backfilling up to 5 days (world-wide)
  • WWQuote becomes the backup server for intraday data (USA, one day only)
  • Add 'myUnixEpochTime' parameter in the format file to adjust for time zone offset, usually used for intraday data download
  • Add 'COPY2WORKSHEET' operation in PostDownloadProcessing to allow copying data from .csv file and place in a specific location of a named worksheet in an Excel file

Version 1.90 Patch026 (7 Jul 2012)

  • Add myMultiplePagesEndingWord command to aid automatic collection of stock symbols which span over multiple pages

Version 1.90 Patch025 (24 Mar 2012)

  • Add a feature in Data Converter to convert Daily metastock data to Weekly or Monthly metastock data
  • Modify as Yahoo options page changed data format

Version 1.90 Patch024 (9 Oct 2011)

  • "Repair Hi/Lo/Op/Cl Data Offline" will also delete data on holidays. Add an option in "Other Options" to turn this feature off

Version 1.90 Patch023 (29 Nov 2010)

  • Add 'myNoYahooCountrySuffix' parameter in the format file to allow sharing of Yahoo ticker list without the Yahoo Country Suffix for Symbols

Version 1.90 Patch022 (20 Nov 2010)

  • Add 'Sort Metastock Data' function in 'Other Repairs'
  • Fix a time range definition in ASCII file conversion in Data Converter

Version 1.90 Patch021 (12 Sep 2010)

  • Modify 'Fundamental Data collection' function to match Yahoo website changes

Version 1.90 Patch020 (25 Jul 2010)

  • Modify 'Download Ticker Lists' function to match Yahoo website changes

Version 1.90 Patch019 (11 Jul 2010)

  • Fix a bug in the Merging Individual Text function caused by Intraday Time
  • Fix the wrong expiration date in Options Chain download.

Version 1.90 Patch018 (9 May 2010)

  • Shorten long option symbol in order to download data from Yahoo Finance and store in MetaStock data format

Version 1.90 Patch017 (21 Mar 2010)

  • Add historical daily, weekly and monthly data from "Medved Quote Tracker"

Version 1.90 Patch016 (30 Jan 2010)

  • Modify for the new Options Chain symbols
  • Allow continuous download of options chain data
  • Allow filtering of intraday data outside user-defined time range in Data Converter when reading MetaStock data files
  • Allow intraday data from "Medved Quote Tracker" and "HSQ As Intraday Server" to only capture data within user-defined time range
  • Fix a bug for Open data in Intraday data packing

Version 1.90 Patch015 (18 Oct 2009)

  • Overcome missing last-trade data issue when symbol has more than 12 characters
  • Correct % Change calculation in Chart View

Version 1.90 Patch014 (8 Aug 2009)

  • Apply myEndingWord to Auto-fill ticker list search as well
  • Use current year if there is no year information in mySingleLineDate search

Version 1.90 Patch013 (8 Jun 2009)

  • Oanda server now allows up to only 500 days of data to be downloaded each time Change the pop-up reminder to reflect the change
  • Add myNullColumnIfReached parameter in the Find format file to skip a column if a specified word is found first in the next search

Version 1.90 Patch012 (26 Apr 2009)

  • Increase buffer size to get 20 days of back-filled tick data from QuoteTracker
  • Add an option to use Friday date and month-end date for Yahoo Weekly and Monthly data records
  • Fix a bug in auto-download mode to stop terminating program execution in continuous data download

Version 1.90 Patch011 (21 Mar 2009)

  • Yahoo changed options chain data format. Change code to accommodate it

Version 1.90 Patch010 (24 Feb 2009)

  • Fix a bug in Excel to MetaStock conversion

Version 1.90 Patch009 (15 Nov 2008)

  • Add "WAIT-TILL" operation in PostDownloadProcessing

Version 1.90 Patch008 (3 Nov 2008)

  • Modify "World Market Exchanges" part of "Download Ticker Lists" feature to Take care of Yahoo! Finance website changes
  • change web page for "ETF" ticker list download
  • Fix a bug in 'Tick' Intraday download

Version 1.90 Patch007 (25 Oct 2008)

  • Take care of BriteFutures website changes

Version 1.90 Patch006 (28 Sep 2008)

  • Optionally allow removing tickers that fetch last trade data older than 14 days in "Cleanup Ticker List" feature

Version 1.90 Patch005 (2 Jul 2008)

  • Oanda changed command line format. Change code to accommodate it

Version 1.90 Patch004 (22 Jun 2008)

  • Take care of Yahoo symbols with '&'
  • Add SLEEP operation in PostDownloadProcessing.xls
  • Add option to allow downloading last-trade data at 15-sec interval in 'HSQ As Intraday Server' mode
  • Add option to play a sound file when an important dialog box is opened during long download
  • Fix a bug in charting when there is only one panel in a template

Version 1.90 Patch003 (3 Jun 2008)

  • Add Download of Broad Market Indicators in both MetaStock and .csv files
  • Add option to have a blank space between Date and Time instead of a normal separator in ASCII text output (such as needed in NinjaTrader)
  • Add myNotToFindSymbol in mywebserver format file to allow finding data without searching for Symbol first
  • Yahoo changed last-trade command length. Change code to accommodate it

Version 1.90 Patch002 (17 Apr 2008)

  • Deleting securities involves repacking the MetaStock database, and it is a time consuming process. Provide a Progress Bar to indicate status

Version 1.90 Patch001 (5 Apr 2008)

  • Enhance "create Ticker List from MetaStock Database" feature to allow modification of ticker symbols and renaming of the symbols and names in the copied MetaStock database as well

Version 1.90 Patch000 (26 Mar 2008)

  • More Vista compatible by changing the default locations of program and data folders
  • Provide a debug mode to test Find-Method format files in MyWebServer
  • Provide Personalized Text Format and Config.cfg for each ticker list
  • Enhance Chart Template to allow control of individual panel heights
  • Allow saving Chart Files to different names for each symbol
  • Remove Chart Template savings with Objects as it is not useful
  • Add KEYBOARDCLICKS in postdownloadprocessing to simulate keyboard clicks, such as to refresh MetaStock screen after each Intrady refresh download
  • Add myCurrentTimeIfNotAvailable in mywebserver format file
  • Accommodate Yahoo options format change for some indices
  • Integrate in Installer an option to download HSQuote-customized MagniBar software to allow 2-way communications between users and HSQuote author
  • Modify code to download MetaStock Names to accommodate Yahoo format changes

Version 1.89 Patch026 (20 Mar 2008)

  • Modify code to download options chain to accommodate Yahoo changes

Version 1.89 Patch025 (21 Dec 2007)

  • Modify code to download options chain to accommodate Yahoo changes
  • Modify code to auto-update MetaStock names to accommodate Yahoo changes

Version 1.89 Patch024 (19 Dec 2007)

  • Modify code to download tickers for "US & Canada Stocks, Funds, Indices" to accommodate Yahoo changes

Version 1.89 Patch023 (9 Dec 2007)

  • Add 'myUseAliasAsSymbol'

Version 1.89 Patch022 (14 Oct 2007)

  • Add 'CONVERT_JOINT' operation in postdownloadprocessing to allow data for all symbols to be stored in different columns on same worksheet, instead of separate worksheets
  • Allow 'Ignore' column in MetaStock-to-Excel of 'CONVERT' operation in postdownloadprocessing
  • Change "Asia Stocks" ticker download to correspond to Yahoo! Finance changes

Version 1.89 Patch021 (18 Aug 2007)

  • Enable "Reverse Date Order" when converting from MetaStock to Excel

Version 1.89 Patch020 (5 Aug 2007)

  • Add the -htb switch to hide task bar and minimize to system tray

Version 1.89 Patch019 (2 Jul 2007)

  • Enhance Excel output features in Data Converter. Also provide more control of Source and Destination dates when converting from MetaStock to Excel using 'PostDownloadProcessing'

Version 1.89 Patch018 (1 Jun 2007)

  • Modify to detect stock splits according to new Yahoo format

Version 1.89 Patch017 (20 May 2007)

  • Fix a bug in translating Yahoo time stamp to India local time

Version 1.89 Patch016 (29 Apr 2007)

  • Fix a bug in some chart templates not able to fill data
  • Fix a bug in mywebserver not accepting myTimeFormat without ':'

Version 1.89 Patch015 (6 Apr 2007)

  • Windows does not allow "PRN" as file name. Change it to "PRN#"

Version 1.89 Patch014 (7 Mar 2007)

  • Modify for NasdaqGM and NasdaqGS in "Download Ticker Lists"

Version 1.89 Patch013 (2 Mar 2007)

  • Fix a bug which blocks some fundamental data for .OB and .PK symbols
  • Change code for Weekly and Monthly futures data download

Version 1.89 Patch012 (17 Feb 2007)

  • Change code to accommodate BriteFutures changes

Version 1.89 Patch011 (13 Feb 2007)

  • Change code in "Search and Adjust Splits" to accommodate Yahoo changes
  • Change code in "Download Dividend Data" to accommodate Yahoo changes
  • Add "SPLITS" action in PostDownloadProcessing to auto search and adjust splits

Version 1.89 Patch010 (26 Jan 2007)

  • Change code in Data Re-download to accommodate Yahoo date format change
  • Add auto-download of International LSE ticker list

Version 1.89 Patch009 (21 Jan 2007)

  • US Intraday server out of service. Use a temporary last-day intraday data server

Version 1.89 Patch008 (4 Jan 2007)

  • Change code to accommodate Yahoo date format change

Version 1.89 Patch007 (31 Dec 2006)

  • Allow automatic daily data download for a long date period when the URL in mywebserver.txt specifies only one single date
  • Implement URL types 5 and 6 (Plus)

Version 1.89 Patch006 (12 Dec 2006)

  • Add Dividend Data download
  • Add option to include or exclude Intraday data outside normal trading hours
  • Add parameters to indicate Intraday time range

Version 1.89 Patch005 (12 Nov 2006)

  • The Backup (Futures, Stock) server can now download Daily, Weekly and Monthly Futures too
  • Add ticker list sorting feature
  • Allow command line to dynamically control download From and To Dates with respect to TODAY

Version 1.89 Patch004 (23 Oct 2006)

  • Add download of fundamental data, options chain, and MetaStock names in batch command
  • Add User-Defined fields and field names in WebServer Personalized format download
  • Add in PostDownloadProcessing the ability to change Intraday records to EOD dates so as to allow Intraday data to be analyzed in EOD programs
  • Add direct access to start PostDownloadProcessing in Advanced Features
  • Fix a bug to allow &&Master ticker lists keep last successful download date

Version 1.89 Patch003 (23 Jul 2006)

  • Add more Operations for PostDownloadProcessing, such as SAVEZIP, CHART1 and CHART2
  • Allow CONVERT Operation in PostDownloadProcessing to MULITPLY or ADD a constant in MetaStock-to-MetaStock conversion
  • Allow CONVERT Operation in PostDownloadProcessing to specify placement and amount of data in Excel Worksheets in MetaStock-to-Excel conversion
  • Fix a bug in handling alias file in MyWebServer that causes alias not being recognized

Version 1.89 Patch002 (15 Jul 2006)

  • Add myAliasSubstitute valuable to MyWebServer format file to associate individual alias file to format file
  • Add mySkipWeekEnd valuable to MyWebServer format file to provide a choice to treat a weekend date as it is or changed to Friday
  • Enhance robustness of ticker list collection process to handle interruptions in transmission

Version 1.89 Patch001 (25 Mar 2006)

  • Add local drive data retrieval in Type 4 of MyWebServer
  • Correct an IO error in ViewData due to Templates folder not yet created
  • Correct a Last-Trade Volume to Intraday Volume bug that causes empty data file

Version 1.89 (5 Mar 2006)

  • (HSQuote Plus only) Add 'My Web Server' to download data from user defined websites. Auto generate ticker lists as well
  • (HSQuote Plus only) Enhance many charting features, including more chart styles, indicators, line studies, chart templates, load/save/print charts, etc
  • (HSQuote Plus only) Add post download processing capabilities, such as data conversion, execute an application, and move/copy/delete a file, or move/copy a folder
  • Add a feature to use LastTrade refresh download to accumulate Intraday data for non-US stocks. Time is adjusted for the specific countries accordingly.
  • Add Options-Chain download
  • Add a Task Scheduler
  • Add Excel (single worksheet) in Source of Data Converter
  • Append more columns in Personalized Text LastTrade download
  • Include trade time for LastTrade
  • Add minute tick data to Intraday MetaStock database
  • Use Master ticker list to include all the linked lists as an alternative
  • Allow Alias in individual data text files
  • Allow Alias to replace Symbol in MetaStock-to-MetaStock conversion
  • Provide choice of decimal separator in Personalized Text mode
  • Simplify stock split flow and steps
  • Provide some more Preference controls

Version 1.88 (10 Feb 2005)

  • Add Chart View for MetaStock data files
  • Add support of Intraday currencies data download
  • Enhance robustness of ticker lists download. The lists of Major US Indices and Major World Indices now follow Yahoo!Finance site dynamically.
  • Fundamental data collection now accepts lower-case symbols. Numeric data in Excel are now expressed in numbers instead of text.
  • Fix Access Violation bugs in version 1.87

Version 1.87 (29 Dec 2004)

  • Add tools to download and assemble Yahoo! ticker lists
  • Add Fundamental Data Collection feature
  • Interface with Medved QuoteTracker to gather and convert real-time data to Intraday OHLC data and last-trade data
  • Provide Quick Download option in 'Last-trade' download
  • Provide auto-refresh/repeat download for Intraday and Last-trade
  • Better detection and handling of invalid tickers, inactive tickers, symbol changes, busy traffic and no data at source
  • Create ticker list from existing MetaStock database
  • Add tools to clean up and split ticker lists
  • Further speed up MetaStock Data View display
  • Add customizable header line and file extension for Personalized Text format
  • Add user-defined Alias for Personalized Text output and Data Converter

Version 1.86 (17 Oct 2004)

  • Add Intraday download for US stocks
  • Add user-customizable URLs for quick browsing of charts, data, news, and auto-download of zip files
  • Automatic selection of the appropriate server when re-downloading data in Data View screen
  • Faster display of data in Data View
  • Auto-redownload for tickers with missing data once more
  • Keep lists of tickers with no download data or invalid symbols after data download, so that users can easily re-download again or correct invalid symbols.
  • Auto-adjust Euro currency conversion on 1st Jan 1999 for stocks of EMU countries
  • Correct a bug in handling Close and Adjust Close data in ASCII2MS conversion
  • Enhance robustness of the routine to change Data File Folder

Version 1.85 (13 August 2004)

  • Add historical commodity futures download from Brite Futures, Inc.
  • Attach corresponding download server for each portfolio list
  • Add Open-Interest field in Data View screen
  • Add feature to auto-adjust all the confirmed splits
  • Add option to append newly downloaded data in Personalized Text output
  • Add option in Data Converter to output multiple worksheets in a single Excel file
  • Add Time format selection in Data Converter
  • Keep track of File Folder location for the next re-installation
  • Change US backup server

Version 1.84 (11 April 2004)

  • Add animated help on creating Ticker Lists
  • Take care of Yahoo data format changes

Version 1.83 (9 March 2004)

  • Add historical currencies data download from Oanda.com
  • Add a backup historical data server at eSignal.com for stocks and indices in US
  • Fetch last-trade data in historical download, and automatically over-write it when historical data becomes available
  • Allow manual change of MetaStock data records (double-click the record in Data View)
  • Add Command Line parsing. Use 'HSQuote -h" in command line to get syntax help
  • Allow saving of Stock Splits processing results for later continuation
  • Add printing feature of Data View (right click in Data View)
  • Add 'File Folder' on Start Menu
  • Auto-adjust Internet Connection Timeout period in parallel historical download. Also allow users to increase this timeout period, if necessary.
  • Different download timeframes can now be linked together in single download

Version 1.82 (1 January 2004)

  • Add parallel download processing threads for much faster download
  • Add auto-confirmation in stock split search, and further improve on the search and check algorithm
  • Allow using the same Start/From date as the first ticker file for linked portfolio download
  • Give option to turn off message prompting during download process
  • Add option to Correct incomplete data in real-time download mode
  • Fix a regional locale bug
  • Make Internet connection more robust

Version 1.81 (20 December 2003)

  • Add an alternative historical data download site
  • Allow auto-switching of historical data download servers
  • Fix a memory access bug in version 1.80

Version 1.80 (2 December 2003)

  • Add a generic and flexible Data Converter to translate data among various formats or extract data from one to the other (between MetaStock and ASCII, ASCII to ASCII, or Metastock to Metastock)
  • Add 'repair incomplete High/Low data offline'
  • Allow deletion of Portfolio .tic files
  • Add option to auto-download at startup
  • Fix bug: in auto-update of MetaStock names, symbols having small letter were not recognized

Version 1.71 (17 October 2003)

  • Add option to generate individual stock files in personalized format
  • Provide more flexbility in personalized format
  • Enhance algorithm for split search, and selection from Advanced Features

Version 1.70 (12 October 2003)

  • Personalize own text or spread-sheet output file format (column sequence, date format, delimiter, header exclusion, date order, omitting caret and country suffix, renaming of output file, etc)
  • Alert if no newer data is being retrieved in Metastock download mode
  • Enhanced algorithm for Auto-repair of incomplete data
  • Include symbol name as part of Metastock security name
  • Make dividend and split adjusted close available

Version 1.60 (27 September 2003)

  • Allow downloading data for several portfolios at one go
  • Add option to move or backup data files to another location

Version 1.50 (13 September 2003)

  • Add auto-repair of incomplete data
  • Automate stock splits
  • Change to work with Yahoo! new data feed format

Version 1.41 (30 August 2003)

  • Remove constraint of 200 records per download for some European and Asia stocks
  • Allow deletion or re-download of specific MetaStock data in Data View
  • Allow deletion of securities in data base
  • Add "Symbol" and "Name" in Data View
  • Add sort symbol feature in Data View
  • Rename "Abort" button to "Pause"
  • Allow minimimizing of main window
  • Add Preference selection
  • Fix bug: dividend data incidentally replaces end-of-day data

Version 1.40 (10 August 2003)

  • Add auto-update of MetaStock security names
  • Add direct viewing of MetaStock data

Version 1.32 (20 July 2003)

  • Add alternative country-specific download sites for almost real-time data
  • Allow data to be appended to output ASCII file when continuing after abortion

Version 1.31 (12 July 2003)

  • Allow usage of Menu,Help functions while downloading data
  • Allow abortion of downloading process
  • Can start download from any ticker by first selecting/highlighting it
  • Fix bug: deleting securities from MetaStock Downloader results in data file mix-up
  • Fix bug: highlight tickers wrongly when blank lines inserted

Version 1.30 (19 June 2003)

  • Include option to convert to Metastock data files directly
  • Add selection of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly quotes download
  • Allow continuation in download process
  • Shrink window size to fix 800x600 screen
  • Show charts and news
  • Keep individual last end dates for corresponding ticker portfolios
  • Fix bug: copy from same directory results in empty file
  • Fix bug: Selecting radio buttons does not immediately change setting until Set as Default
  • Take care of longer directory path for installed directory

Version 1.20 (1 December 2002)

  • Add generic Excel (.scv) format
  • Add Edit features in Ticker box

Version 1.10 (22 October 2002)

  • First commercial release
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